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Our Mission, Vision & Values

See what drives Secrest Elementary School.


The Mission of Secrest Elementary is to provide the optimum learning community, providing a continual development of each child’s abilities in a safe, caring environment. Our school is committed to a partnership where school, family, and community act in a collaboration to support the students’ learning.


Our vision for the Secrest Elementary Learning Community is to develop a collaboration of support for our students and staff.

As the Secrest Elementary staff, we realize we must commit ourselves to the future and continue to incorporate 21st century ideas, techniques, methods, and technology into our learning community. Our vision includes instructional best practices which meet or exceed the current Ohio performance standards by providing standards-based instruction, implementing appropriate interventions, and celebrating the students’ successes as they move forward.
Teachers will use research-based instructional practices in order to promote student achievement. Teachers will collaborate to identify the effectiveness of strategies and collect data to analyze specific successes. Our vision is that all students will value learning and be self-motivated to continue a partnership in the life-long learning process. Through professional development, our vision is to grow as staff and learners.