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We Believe

The belief statement of Rolling Hills Local School District.


We must embrace all students as they come to us and provide each with the best possible educational opportunities which will enable them to reach their greatest potential as productive citizens.

We must have high expectations and a commitment to on-going learning for students, staff and the community as we work together to increase student achievement.

A strong partnership between the community and the school district, which is built upon open communication and the sharing of resources, is key to improving life in the school and the community.

The school is an educational center within the community providing access to learning opportunities and life skills for all it’s residents.

It is the responsibility of the school and community to provide for students an inviting environment which is safe, secure and conducive to learning.

An integrated educational program which focuses on academics, technology and social skills development is essential to prepare our students to meet the challenges of life beyond school, either in the world or work or higher education.