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Devvon holds degrees in education and educational leadership from Ohio University, a second Masters degree in the Humanities from Tiffin University and a postgraduate degree in District Administration from Kent State. Devvon lives in the district with his family, in the home he grew up in. He continues to be dedicated to creating opportunities that inspire pride and forward momentum among students and a brighter future for the Rolling Hills community.

Devvon Dettra, Rolling Hills School District’s first Meadowbrook High School alum to serve as superintendent, brings over fifteen years of educational experience and leadership. Beginning his career as a High School Social Studies Teacher, he advanced to principal positions at Caldwell and returned to Meadowbrook High School as principal in 2017. Within four years, the Board of Education asked Devvon to become the school’s youngest and only homegrown superintendent in the school’s storied history. Devvon’s return to Rolling Hills emphasizes his commitment to enhancing the district through innovation and community engagement, aligning with the mission to provide a high-quality educational environment focused on academic, technological, and social development. His philosophy further embodies his approach to growing the community through education and keeping alumni local as a way to build for a brighter future. 

Superintendent Spotlight

Welcome to our first-ever Superintendent Student Spotlight. This initiative celebrates the vast talents, achievements, and character within our student body. We aim to highlight not just traditional successes but the wide array of accomplishments that often go unnoticed. From the arts to academic advancements, community service, leadership, and overcoming challenges, we’re showcasing the diverse excellence among our students. We’ve asked principals to nominate students who stand out in these areas, and with the support of their families, we’re excited to share their stories on our website and social media.

Karly Launder

Karly Launder embodies perseverance, hard work, humility, and leadership. Her academic diligence and involvement in sports, despite challenges, set a powerful example of our district’s values. Karly’s journey through sports, especially her comeback from injury to help her volleyball team reach the OHSAA Final Four, showcases her resilience and commitment.

Her story is more than her personal achievements; it’s about inspiring others through dedication and humility. Karly’s impact is significant, and her story is just the beginning of the many we look forward to sharing in this spotlight.

Devlin Stone

Devlin Stone, a junior at Meadowbrook High, stands out for his positivity, which radiates throughout our school. Every day, he brings a sense of joy and community to our hallways. His respectful attitude towards learning has built strong connections with teachers, underlining his exceptional character. 

Devlin is also a creative force, sharing his talents through writing and comics. His creation, “Dev Corp,” promotes unity and collaboration among students. His humor, wit, and kindness make him a cherished member of our community. It’s an honor to see the impact Devlin has, leaving a memorable mark on all he meets.