The purpose of this non-profit organization shall be to recognize and to honor those persons who, through their performances and achievements, reflect credit on Rolling Hills Schools so that present-day students can identify with the past and establish goals for the future. An honoree must be a  graduate of the Rolling Hills Schools (Buffalo High School, Byesville High School, Community High School, Cumberland High School, Lore City High School, Meadowbrook High School, Pleasant City High School,, Senecaville High School). The recipient shall be chosen based on the following criteria: outstanding achievement in vocational pursuits; contributions made to the community or government; significant philanthropic involvement; achievements while a student at the Rolling Hills Schools; or other criteria brought before the board.

The Hall of Fame Board of Directors will plan an induction dinner ceremony at which time each inductee will receive a plaque with their picture and a short summary of his/her major accomplishments. A copy of the plaque shall be placed in a prominent location in the Hall of Fame at Meadowbrook High School. A news release of this information will appear in the newspaper and on the Rolling Hills Hall of Fame page on the school’s website.

The Hall of Fame was instituted in 1996 by former student, teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent, Mr. Charles E. Chippi. Fifty-eight (58) inductees line the walls of Meadowbrook High School with the last induction in 2018 listing five new members.



To be considered for induction, applicants must meet the following requirements stipulated by the Hall of Fame:

  • An honoree must be a graduate of the Rolling HIlls Schools (Buffalo High School, Byesville High School, Community High School, Cumberland High School, Lore City High School, Meadowbrook High School, Pleasant City High School, or Senecaville High School)
  • A period of seven or more years myst have elapsed between graduation and eligibility 
  • A recipient shall be selected based upon the following criteria:
    • Outstanding achievement in vocational pursuits as evidenced by awards and/or honors conferred upon her/him by colleagues, organizations, or the government
    • Contrubitions made to the community and/or goverment along with meritorious recognition for some action taken, services provided, or exemplary accomplishments.
    • Significant philanthropic involvement
    • Other criteria which may be brought before the Board
    • Achievements while a student at the Rolling Hills Schools
  • The Board may consider honoring persons posthumously. If deceased, a nominee will be considered eligible for induction after the third anniversary of death. 


Paper Application Materials to be mailed to: “RHS Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame” 9669 Cumberland Rd., Pleasant City, 43772                

Electronic Application Materials Submitted here: Rolling Hills School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

Application Must Include:

  • Completed Application (see button link below)
  • Two 5×7 pictures at the time of application submission (MUST BE BLACK AND WHITE)
  • Nominating parties’ contact information, for further questions/inquiries
  • All components submitted by March 1st deadline



Name Year GraduatedSchoolDate Inducted
Mr. William R. Mnich1994Pleasant CityApril 13, 1996
Mr. Dom Capers1968MeadowbrookApril 13, 1996
Dr. Ronald Winland1968MeadowbrookApril 13, 1996
Mrs. Kathryn Hronec Lehr1975MeadowbrookApril 13, 1996
Dr. Dana S. Still1934CumberlandApril 12, 1997
Mr. John Turanchik1935Pleasant CityApril 12, 1997
Mr. Newt Oliver1942ByesvilleApril 12,1997
Lt. Col. Thomas A Groznik1974MeadowbrookApril 12, 1997
Dr. Joseph D. McKay1954ByesvilleApril 18, 1998
Dr. Shirley K. Bell1959CumberlandApril 18, 1998
Mr. William E. Lucas1965MeadowbrookApril 18, 1998
Mrs. Judith Allbritain Wilson1965MeadowbrookApril 18, 1998
Mr. Vasil Sokol1949CommunityApril 17, 1999
Dr. Roger D. Winland1963Pleasant CityApril 17, 1999
Mr. James L. Hammond1968MeadowbrookApril 17, 1999
Mr. Charles E. Chippi1953BuffaloApril 08, 2000
Dr. Kenneth W. Nichols1961ByesvilleApril 08, 2000
Dr. Ronald Frazier1964CumberlandApril 08, 2000
Mr. Raymond M. Chorey1970MeadowbrookApril 08, 2000
Mr. Roy Ayers1933Pleasant CityApril 21, 2001
Dr. Geroge Merva1950CumberlandApril 21, 2001
Mr. Larry W. Nichols1960ByesvilleApril 21, 2001
The Honorable Judge David E. Cain1961ByesvilleApril 21, 2001
Miss Bessie M. Sarchet1913ByesvilleApril 20, 2002
The Honorable Robert T. Secrest1922SenecavilleApril 20, 2002
Mr. Daniel T. Neff1970MeadowbrookApril 20, 2002
Mr. Dale D. Heskett1923ByesvilleApril 26,2003
Mr. Paul “Tex” Regan1948Lore CityApril 26,2003
Dr. Rex M. Rogers1970MeadowbrookApril 26,2003
Corporal Emory David Voorhies1966MeadowbrookApril 17, 2004
Mr. Michael A. Kachilla1973MeadowbrookApril 17, 2004
Captain Kiristi Singleton Norman1989MeadowbrookApril 17, 2004
Mr. Geroge L. Sekel1942BuffaloApril 23, 2005
Mr. Edward C. Vessels1971MeadowbrookApril 23, 2005
Mrs. Susan Bates Tucker1979MeadowbrookApril 23, 2005
Mrs. Crystal Renee Hall Tubbs1995MeadowbrookApril 23, 2005
Dr. Curtis High1962ByesvilleApril 8, 2006
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Martin Harsh1979MeadowbrookApril 8, 2006
Mr. Anthony Drew Zuress1990MeadowbrookApril 8, 2006
Mr. Harry E. West1950CumberlandApril 14 2007
Mrs. Pauline Dingey Ferguson1966MeadowbrookApril 14, 2007
Mr. Darrell Hopps1956Pleasant CityJune 6, 2009
Chaplain Ted W. Nichols1969MeadowbrookJune 6, 2009
Mr. Joseph Michael Sekel1979MeadowbrookJune 6, 2009
CSM Robert Jaye Wells1978MeadowbrookApril 24, 2010
Mr. Steve C. Allen1979MeadowbrookApril 24, 2010
Mr. Michael D. Humphrey1983MeadowbrookApril 24, 2010
Dr. Rachel Sayre Perkins1993MeadowbrookApril 24, 2010
PFC Herbert F. Christian  April 14, 2012
Mr. Carlos Easterday1947Pleasant CityApril 14, 2012
Mr. Joseph E. Kasper Jr.1971MeadowbrookApril 14, 2012
Mr. Robert Lyons1952CumberlandApril 26, 2014
SMGT James T. Love1987MeadowbrookApril 26, 2014
Leisa (Horton) Arnold1970MeadowbrookJune 16, 2018
Lt. Richard (Chris) Chesar1987MeadowbrookJune 16, 2018
Lt. Col. William (Joe) Gress1987MeadowbrookJune 16, 2018
Mr. William (Billy) Jacobs1976MeadowbrookJune 16, 2018
1st Lt. Blanche F. Sigman1926ByesvilleJune 16, 2018



Contact any member regarding questions or concerns at: rh.halloffame@rollinghills.k12.oh.us

Krista Shriver, Teacher

Mike Humphrey, Board of Education

Cheryl Stoldt, Community

Nonnie Luskevich, Community

Devvon Dettra, High School Principal

David Sayre, Community

Dee Carter, Community

Rachel Hall, Community

Beverly Bell, Community