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Our Mission, Vision & Values

See what drives Meadowbrook Middle School.

Meadowbrook Middle School Mission Statement

The mission of Meadowbrook Middle School is for all students to LEARN.

  • L – Learn
  • E – Evaluate
  • A – Achieve
  • R – Recognize
  • ‚ÄčN – Now


Meadowbrook Middle School will create a community of learning that is safe and inviting. We will challenge all students and staff members with a modern, standards-based and technology driven curriculum where all levels of learners will be expected to achieve. Our staff will encourage, empower and equip each student to be responsible and successful citizens. Through continual collaboration, strong professional teams, and community involvement, we will become a highly successful learning environment that seeks to go beyond the numbers. Mutual respect, accountability, integrity and equality will be at the forefront of learning at Meadowbrook Middle School.

Core Values


We have respect for ourselves, for others and for our community.


We accept responsibility for our learning and our behavior.


We will achieve our full potential through our best sustained effort.

‚ÄčThe Meadowbrook Middle School community strives to ensure that all our relationships and actions reflect our core values.